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How To Claim Back Overpayments Made On Mis Sold Business Energy Contracts

How To Reclaim Payments Made On Mis Sold Electricity & Gas Contracts

Average Mis Sold Business Energy Claim £25,000Discover potential savings within your energy contracts with Reclaim Energy Ltd. Many UK businesses might not be aware of money owed to them in the complex world of energy contracts. We’re here to make the claiming process straightforward and provide guidance to help businesses meet the eligibility requirements.

Learn about potential refunds from mis-sold energy contracts with our expertise, revealing amounts your business might be entitled to. With the lack of regulation in energy brokers, who are often relied upon for securing the best deals, we address concerns raised by OFGEM over the years.

Is Your Business Eligible To Claim For Mis Sold Energy

If you are a book keeper accountant, business owner or financial director and suspect energy contract mis-selling, your eligibility to claim compensation hinges on specific criteria. Follow this link to check if your business is eligible to make a claim due to energy mis selling.

Info Needed To Support Your Claim For Mis Sold Energy

Reclaim Energy Ltd have streamlined the ‘mis sold energy claiming process’ and we provide a straightforward no win no fee service that ensures a successful claim and the return of your money.

Process Classification: Determine if your processes fall under mineralogical or metallurgical exemption by checking the list of qualifying energy uses. This step is crucial for accurately identifying eligible energy consumption.

Documentary Requirements: Gather energy bills for the eligible period, essential documentation that serves as a foundation for your claim. Our process recognizes the importance of thorough documentation.

HMRC Submission: Ensure the submission of PP10 (Climate Change Levy: Relief Supporting Analysis Form) to HMRC. This step is a key component of the process and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Communication with Energy Supplier: Submit PP11 (Climate Change Levy Supplier Certificate) to your energy supplier. This facilitates clear communication and verification of the relief you are entitled to, contributing to a seamless claiming process.

Contact Us To Refund Your Business Energy Overpayments

Don’t miss out on potential savings. Let us guide you, start your claim, and secure the money your business rightfully deserves. Contact us today at 01743 298980 to unlock unclaimed funds and optimize your energy contracts.

Reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Get in touch today to arrange your free, no-obligation survey so we can calculate how much you could be saving.

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Reclaim Energy offer free business energy efficiency audits for companies and organisations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast, Nottingham, Southampton, Leeds, Leicester, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Oxford, Cambridge and Aberdeen

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