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Mis-Sold Energy Contracts Fueling UK Care Home Crisis

Claim Refunds On Mis-Sold Care Home Energy Contracts

Care Home Owner Shocked by Energy BillLet’s have a think about the complicated world of mis sold care home energy contracts and unveil the unsettling reality of how energy suppliers have been mis-selling gas and electricity in the care sector.

The mis sold energy scandal is not just about the money; it’s about the impact on care facilities, the well-being of residents, and the financial strain on care home owners who already have enough to think about.

Reclaim Energy are business energy specialists who are helping care home operators to identify mis-sold energy contracts, secure refunds, and provide tailored electricity and gas supply solutions to mitigate future risks.

The Financial Burden Of Care Home Energy Contracts

The mis-selling of care home energy contracts often involves deceptive practices such as hidden fees, undisclosed commissions, and long-term agreements that may not align with the specific needs of care facilities. This has resulted in care homes paying more for their energy than necessary, imposing an additional financial strain on already budget-sensitive sector.

As an example a small care home in Newcastle that accumulated approximately £100,000 in hidden fees due to a mis-sold energy contract over 6 years. This alarming reality sheds light on the tangible and detrimental effects of mis-selling within the care home sector.

Why Mis-Selling Matters in Care Homes

Mis-sold energy contracts not only impact the bottom line of care home businesses but also jeopardize the quality of care provided to residents. The diverted funds that could have been allocated to resident well-being and care home improvements are instead funneled into unjustifiable energy costs.

Care homes are increasingly exploring legal avenues to seek compensation for the financial losses incurred through mis-sold energy contracts. As of now, there are over 1,500 compensation claims in progress, highlighting the widespread recognition of the problem.

How Reclaim Energy Helps Care Homes Identify Mis-sold Energy Contract

As professional and experienced business energy auditors we provide care home owners and financial directors with the clarity in identifying mis-sold contracts. We help care homes scrutinise their energy contracts for hidden fees, undisclosed commissions, and unfavorable long-term commitments.

Then we document all relevant contract details to determine the extent of mis-selling and present our findings to reclaim what is owed to you.

Get in touch today to arrange your free, no-obligation care home energy audit so we can calculate how much you could be saving.

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