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CHP Generator Cuts Carbon Emissions by 50% at CBE+

Levercor CHP Generator Installation At CBE+ Factory

CBE+, a leading player in the engineering industry, recognized the pressing need to enhance its sustainability practices and reduce its carbon footprint. To address this, CBE+ invested £0.75 million in a state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

The primary goal was to slash carbon emissions by 50%, aligning with CBE+’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Case Study: Leveraging Sustainable Energy with a Combined Heat and Power System

Client: CBE+

Investment: £0.75 million

Objective: To reduce carbon emissions by 50% through the installation of a bespoke Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Partnership with Levercor: Collaborative effort to develop and commission a tailored CHP system.

Installation Date: Early 2022

Strategic Partnership: Understanding the complexity of the task at hand, CBE+ joined forces with Levercor, a renowned expert in sustainable energy solutions. The collaboration aimed to leverage the synergies of both companies, combining CBE+’s production expertise with Levercor’s proficiency in energy systems.

Customized Solution: Recognizing the uniqueness of CBE+’s energy demands, the partnership embarked on a months-long journey to fully comprehend the power and heat demand profiles. The outcome was a bespoke CHP system designed exclusively for CBE+, ensuring optimal alignment with the company’s processes and facility requirements.

Installation Process: The installation process, executed in early 2022, marked a milestone in CBE+’s commitment to sustainable practices. Levercor and CBE+ collaborated seamlessly to integrate the CHP system into the existing infrastructure. Rigorous testing and fine-tuning were conducted to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.

Operational Dynamics: The CHP system operates by harnessing the heat generated as a by-product of electrical power generation. This captured heat is then intelligently utilized to provide warmth to tanks utilized in surface treatment processes. This dual-purpose functionality not only reduces carbon emissions but also enhances overall energy efficiency within the facility.

Measurable Impact: Since the system’s implementation, CBE+ has been actively monitoring its performance. Key performance indicators related to energy efficiency, cost savings, and carbon footprint reduction are under constant scrutiny. Preliminary results indicate positive strides toward the targeted 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

Benefits Beyond Carbon Reduction: Apart from the environmental advantages, CBE+ anticipates positive outcomes in terms of cost savings and enhanced corporate reputation. The investment in sustainable practices aligns with the growing expectations of environmentally conscious stakeholders, customers, and investors.

Conclusion: The collaborative effort between CBE+ and Levercor in implementing a tailored CHP system exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in achieving sustainability goals. As CBE+ continues to reap the benefits of reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency, the case serves as a beacon for businesses aspiring to combine environmental responsibility with operational excellence.

CHP Generator System Reduces Energy Costs

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