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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems for Efficient Energy Generation

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems

CHP systems offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for electricity and heat generation. Using natural gas, biomethane, or a hydrogen blend, our CHPs convert 40% of energy into electricity and 51% into usable heat, resulting in only 9% unrecoverable energy losses.

Key Features:

Rapid Installation: Operational in under 6 months.

Payback Period: Current payback on new CHP systems is 1 year.

Absorption Chillers: Generates chilled water for added versatility.

Fuel Options: Powered by natural gas, biomethane, or mixed with hydrogen.

No Non-Commodity Charges: CHP-generated electricity saves 30% compared to grid electricity.

Benefits of CHP Systems:

Higher Energy Efficiency:

Achieves overall energy efficiencies of up to 90%.

Captures waste heat, reducing fuel consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable and low-carbon fuels.

Up to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional power generation.

Reduced Energy Waste:

Utilizes waste heat for heating or cooling applications, reducing the need for separate systems.

Integration with absorption chillers enhances efficiency.

Reduced Air Pollution:

Locally located systems reduce the need for long-distance electricity transmission.

Designed to meet strict emissions regulations, minimizing air pollution.

CHP with Solar, Storage & Absorption Chillers:

Enhance your CHP system with solar PV installations, battery storage, and absorption chillers for a comprehensive and sustainable energy solution.

Biomethane Explained:

Our systems can run on CO2-zero biogas, sourced from agricultural waste, sewage sludge, food waste, and industrial by-products. Mandating increased biogas production helps combat methane emissions.

Ready to cut costs and reduce emissions?

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