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Solar Power Cuts Penny Hydraulics Energy Costs In Derby

Financial & Environmental Impact Of Solar Energy

In the heart of Clowne, Derbyshire, Penny Hydraulics, an illustrious lifting equipment manufacturer established in 1978, has been leading the way in manual handling solutions across 25 countries globally. Recognised with awards for their excellence, Penny Hydraulics operates from purpose-built premises, crafting fully integrated lifting systems of unparalleled quality.

The Energy Challenge

As the cost of energy surged in the UK, Penny Hydraulics sought innovative ways to curtail their operational expenses. Operating with a keen eye on sustainability, the company had previously embraced solar panels as part of their energy-saving strategy. However, with the expansion of their facilities, including a new building, Penny Hydraulics saw an opportunity to enhance their commitment to green energy.

Reclaim Energy Steps In

Enter Reclaim Energy, the trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions. Penny Hydraulics approached us to conduct a thorough survey of the new building’s roof, exploring the feasibility of expanding their solar capabilities. Our analysis led to a robust recommendation—X00 solar panels strategically positioned on the roof.

The Solution: Solar Brilliance

Under optimal conditions, the recommended X00 solar panels are projected to generate ?kW per day. This translates to a significant reduction in carbon emissions—around X00 tons per year—underscoring Penny Hydraulics’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

Financial and Environmental Impact

Beyond the immediate financial benefits of reducing ongoing energy costs, Penny Hydraulics is poised to make substantial strides in lowering their carbon footprint. This solar revolution aligns seamlessly with their commitment to sustainability and serves as a testament to their proactive approach in embracing eco-friendly practices.

At Reclaim Energy, we take pride in collaborating with forward-thinking companies like Penny Hydraulics, supporting their journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more success stories as we continue to champion innovative and eco-conscious solutions for businesses around the globe.

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