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Heat Transfer Cooling Solutions & Absorption Chillers

Embark on a journey to redefine cooling efficiency with Absorption Chillers, an ingenious technology that transforms waste heat into a valuable resource.

Discover how Levercor Energy Systems leads the way in integrating Absorption Chillers, offering unparalleled solutions for diverse industries.

Unleashing the Power of Waste Heat

Absorption Chillers are the trailblazers in harnessing waste or unused heat, sourced from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems or other heat sources. Through a sophisticated process of absorption chilling, this technology converts excess heat into cool water, showcasing its transformative power in sustainable cooling solutions.

Off Grid CHP & Solar Energy Generation Systems

Off Grid Electricity Generation & Storage

Precision Cooling, Anywhere, Anytime

Absorption Chillers stand out by producing cooled water at remarkably low temperatures, reaching as low as 4°C and even sub-zero temperatures. This precision cooling capability makes them versatile for a range of applications, from refrigeration to rapid cooling in industrial processes, ensuring the utmost efficiency.

Multi-Faceted Applications

The applications of Absorption Chillers extend beyond traditional cooling needs. They are instrumental in refrigeration processes, ensuring the rapid cooling of food, beverages, and various industrial applications where precise chilling is a necessity. This versatility positions Absorption Chillers as indispensable assets in diverse production environments.

Transforming Waste Heat into Value

By leveraging waste heat from electricity generation in a CHP or other industrial processes, Absorption Chillers play a crucial role in turning this heat into chilled water. This transformative process not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes significantly to reducing both operating costs and CO2 emissions.

Expert Integration by Levercor Energy Systems

Levercor Energy Systems takes pride in its expertise in seamlessly incorporating Absorption Chillers into existing factories and new builds. Our team of specialists ensures that the integration is not just efficient but also tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

A Global Standard for Production Environments

The utilization of absorption chilling extends to numerous industries worldwide, where maintaining uniform production environments is paramount. Absorption Chillers have emerged as a global standard, offering reliable and energy-efficient solutions that redefine cooling practices.

Elevate Your Cooling Efficiency with Absorption Chillers

Join the revolution in cooling technology with Absorption Chillers by Levercor Energy Systems. Contact us today to explore how this innovative solution can transform your cooling requirements, enhance efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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