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British Business Owners Have Been Duped By Unregulated Energy Brokers – Call 01743 298980

Taking Back Control Of Your Business Energy Prices

Are you one of the many business owners who have been duped by unregulated energy brokers? You’re not alone. Shockingly, 70% of UK business energy contracts have been mis-sold, leading to an average claim of £25,000. The question now is, how much have you been overcharged?

Despite regular press and TV coverage, countless British businesses are unaware of the potential financial windfall owed to them due to mis-sold energy contracts. At Reclaim Energy, we shed light on the hidden world of mis-sold energy contracts, and help businesses to reclaim substantial refunds and rebates on the money they have been cheated out of.

The heart of the issue lies in the unregulated nature of energy brokers. Business owners have trusted  dishonest energy brokers to find the best electricity and gas tariffs totally unaware that these energy company intermediaries have been operating outside of the law. The lack of regulation has led to billions of pounds being set aside for compensation claims amid serious concerns being raised by regulatory bodies like OFGEM.

£25,000 Is Our Average Energy Bill Refund

Unscrupulous energy brokers have not only been overcharging British businesses for their gas and electricity, but they also built in a hidden 10% commission which are calculated on each and every unit of energy used.

Let’s examine a real-world example. A gas contract spanning two years incurs an energy broker commission of £10,463.02. Meanwhile, an electricity contract over five years results in a commission of £15,297.88. The combined commission totals a staggering £25,760.90.

At Reclaim Energy, we help businesses to renegotiate the supply contract, recover the money they have been overcharged and refund the commission charged by the energy broker. We also claim interest on the funds they have taken.

No Claim No Fee Recovery Process

Reclaim Energy offers a hassle-free recovery process, engaging a panel of legal experts who work on a no-win, no-fee basis. Businesses can focus on their operations while our litigation solicitors tirelessly pursue the recovery of damages.

We understand your concerns. That’s why we assure businesses that the claims process rarely involves going to court. Even in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful claim, businesses won’t incur legal fees or negative consequences.

Take the first step toward reclaiming what rightfully belongs to your business. Contact Reclaim Energy for a free review, where we’ll calculate your potential entitlements on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Don’t let unregulated energy brokers continue to exploit your business. Reclaim your finances today.

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