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Claim Back Payments On Mis Sold Business Energy Contracts

Mis Sold Business Energy Contract Claim Specialists

Average Mis Sold Business Energy Claim £25,000

70% of UK business energy contracts were mis-sold. The average mis-sold energy claim is for £25,000. How much do you think you have been overcharged? Call 01743 298980 to learn about our no-win-no-fee claim services.

Despite press coverage about mis sold business energy contracts, countless UK businesses remain oblivious to the potential financial windfall owed to them.

Reclaim Energy  sheds light on the often undisclosed world of mis-sold energy contracts, where businesses might be owed substantial amounts.

How To Claim Back Payments Made On Mis Sold Energy Contract

The average customer claim stands at £25,000, prompting businesses to question how many hours it would take to make such a substantial amount organically.

The Hidden Business Energy Commission Conundrum:

Most businesses, relying on energy brokers for finding the best tariff, may not be aware that these intermediaries are not regulated, leading to concerns raised by OFGEM over the years.

One of the key issues lies in the unregulated nature of business energy brokers. Not only do some brokers fail to secure the most suitable energy providers for businesses, but they also discreetly pocket hidden commissions, undisclosed to the very businesses they claim to serve faithfully. These concealed commissions are often calculated on the unit of energy used, further complicating the landscape of energy contracts.

The Reclaim Energy Journey:

Reclaim Energy steps in to demystify the hidden commission scenario, offering businesses an opportunity to recover these concealed funds, coupled with interest. The typical hidden commission structure is exemplified in the actual cost of energy being 10p/kWh, with an additional 1p/kWh going unnoticed. This results in businesses overpaying, showcasing the need for transparency and rectification.

The Numbers Tell the Story:

Illustrating the potential impact, consider our average business energy claim scenario:

Gas Contract: 2 Years, Energy Broker Commission: £10,463.02

Electricity Contract: 5 Years, Energy Broker Commission: £15,297.88

Total Combined Commission: £25,760.90

The average customer claim stands at £25,000, prompting businesses to question how many hours it would take to make such a substantial amount organically.

Seamless Recovery Process:

Reclaim Energy offers a hassle-free recovery process, engaging a panel of legal experts working on a no-win, no-fee basis. Businesses can focus on their operations while our litigation solicitors tirelessly pursue the recovery of damages.

FAQs and Transparency:

Answering common questions, Reclaim Energy assures businesses that the claims process rarely involves going to court. Even in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful claim, businesses won’t incur legal fees or negative consequences.

Offering a free review, Reclaim Energy calculates potential entitlements on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, ensuring businesses face no upfront costs unless victory is certain.

Facts and Figures:

OFGEM reports 5.7 million UK businesses with a £34 billion spend in 2020.

67% of small businesses used brokers.

An estimated 3,000 energy brokers operate in the UK.

Since 2010, OFGEM has imposed over £200 million in penalties, including £35 million for mis-selling.

In the pursuit of transparency, Reclaim Energy challenges businesses to question their brokers and explore the possibility of reclaiming what rightfully belongs to them in the convoluted world of energy contracts.

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