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Gas Powered CHP Electricity & Heat Generation Solutions

Business Energy PricesExploring diverse fuel options, from natural gas to renewable sources like biogas and hydrogen, underscores our commitment to providing versatile and sustainable energy solutions. As we embrace advancements in fuel technology, our goal remains to deliver efficient and eco-friendly research and development to cater to the evolving needs of industries, promoting a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Natural, Sustainable Fuels For Gas-Powered CHP Units

Natural gas-powered Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units play a crucial role in meeting the specific power and heat demands of various sectors, including hospitals, hotels, factories, and district heating networks.

While they don’t replace renewable energy from wind and solar power plants, these units efficiently address the fluctuating demands of such applications. CHP units, known for their high efficiency, contribute to a significant reduction of up to 60% in CO2 emissions when powered by natural gas.

Moreover, advancements allow for the integration of renewable fuels such as upgraded biogas (biomethane) and ‘green’ hydrogen, derived from renewable electricity, into the gas grid. This integration enables a climate-neutral CHP operation using fuel from the gas grid.

Decoupling Renewable Energy Generation with ‘Green’ Gases:

Achieving a cost-effective, efficient, and climate-neutral supply of electricity and heat requires the decoupling of renewable energy generation from fossil fuel consumption. To realize this goal, a robust infrastructure for ‘green’ gases generated from renewable power is essential.

This involves further development of the existing gas network, incorporating large-scale storage facilities. Notably, all CHP units designed by us can seamlessly operate with up to 20% hydrogen content in the fuel without requiring technical adjustments or power reduction.

Certain series, equipped with knock control and adapted engine management, can even operate with up to 40% H2. Excitingly, we’re on the verge of introducing a pioneering CHP unit powered by a purely hydrogen combustion engine.

This innovation will extend to retrofit kits, allowing existing CHP units to convert to pure hydrogen operation during planned generator overhauls.

Sewage Gas and Biogas:

The gas generated during the purification process in wastewater treatment plants, known as sewage gas, closely resembles the gas produced in biogas plants. Both types of gas are valuable for powering CHP systems, efficiently generating power and heat.

These modules can be flexibly combined to form larger CHP schemes or configured for bivalent operation with natural gas or propane.

Importantly, they can serve as reliable sources of emergency power during mains failures and power outages. CHP units operate almost silently, making them well-suited for installation within operational buildings.

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