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Have You Been Overcharged On Mis Sold Business Electricity & Gas Contracts – Call 01743 298980

Are Your Business Energy Prices & Costs Fair & Honest?

Average Mis Sold Business Energy Claim £25,00070& of UK businesses are owed refunds, rebates or compensation from energy suppliers and  brokers due to them over charging and mis-selling electricity and gas supply contracts

As business energy prices continue to rise and government aid is coming to an end, Reclaim Energy are helping companies to take charge of the situation and secure the compensation they deserve for fraudulent

Are you a victim of energy contract mis-selling? Reclaim Energy Ltd is here to help you recover hidden commissions and losses.

How Brokers Over Charge & Mis Sell Business Energy Contracts

It’s important for consumers to be aware of these tactics and to know their rights when dealing with energy suppliers.

There are several methods that business energy brokers have reportedly used to over charge and mis-sell gas and electricity contracts to UK companies. These fraudulent selling practices have led to significant fines from Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Overcharging During the Supplier Switching Process:

Over one million individuals have fallen prey to overcharging by energy firms during the supplier-switching process. Despite regulations in place to safeguard against gas and electricity price increases during transitions, errors made by eighteen suppliers have led to a staggering overcharge totaling £7.2 million. These instances highlight the critical need for improved oversight and accountability within the energy industry to protect consumers from financial exploitation during switching procedures.

Misleading Contracts and False Information:

Certain energy companies have been flagged for deliberately disseminating misleading or false information regarding crucial aspects such as letters of authority, energy metering, changes of occupation, and undisclosed commissions. These deceptive practices not only foster customer confusion but also lead to significant financial losses. Such unethical conduct erodes trust in the energy industry and underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in energy dealings.

Aggressive & Deceptive Sales Tactics:

Unethical energy brokers often employ deceptive strategies to secure energy deals, placing their own financial interests way above those of their clients. These tactics may involve manipulation of information, coercive pressure to accept unfavorable contracts, and exploitation of vulnerabilities for personal gain. Such practices have undermined trust and integrity in the energy brokerage industry and businesses in mis sold contracts may be exposed to long term financial risks and further financial exploitation.

Lack of Transparency in the Energy Sector:

The energy sector is under scrutiny for its lack of transparency, which has left numerous UK businesses ensnared in costly energy agreements. The absence of clear information and disclosure practices leaves businesses unaware of the genuine costs associated with their energy supply contracts, leading to financial strain and discontent. This opacity underscores the urgent need for greater transparency and accountability in energy dealings to empower businesses to make informed decisions and mitigate financial risks.

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