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Power Purchase Agreements Set To Cut High Energy Costs

Reclaim Energy’s Approach To Energy Cost Reduction

In the face of challenging times for manufacturing companies, Reclaim Energy emerges as a beacon of hope by addressing one of the most significant concerns—escalating energy costs. The increasing number of manufacturing facilities closing due to financial pressures highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions, and Reclaim Energy offers a unique approach to alleviate this burden.

Cost Pressures and Manufacturing Closures: A Widespread Issue

The manufacturing sector has been grappling with rising costs, from materials to labor, and unfortunately, many companies have succumbed to these financial challenges, closing their doors permanently. The domino effect of closures has not only economic but also social ramifications, affecting local communities and the broader industry.

Recognising the pivotal role energy costs play in the overall financial health of manufacturing businesses, Reclaim Energy steps forward with a distinctive proposition. While it may not be able to influence material or labour costs, Reclaim Energy focuses on significantly reducing energy expenses.

Innovative Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs):

Rather than opting for traditional capital sales, Reclaim Energy introduces a forward-thinking approach through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). In this arrangement, customers can secure a fixed, substantially below-market rate for energy throughout the contract term. This approach not only provides immediate relief by subsidizing energy costs from the day of signing but also ensures a predictable, stable cost structure for the duration of the contract.

Off Balance Sheet Solutions:

Reclaim Energy’s commitment to flexibility is evident in its off-balance-sheet solutions, allowing customers to enter into agreements starting at just over £0.20 per kWh. This financial flexibility is crucial for businesses navigating turbulent economic waters, offering a lifeline that enables them to stabilize operational costs without burdening their balance sheets.

Immediate Impact:

The unique feature of Reclaim Energy’s approach is the immediate impact on customers’ bottom lines. From the onset of the agreement, businesses experience a tangible reduction in energy costs, providing breathing room during the period it takes for Reclaim Energy to engineer and deliver their tailored energy solutions.

A Step Towards Sustainability:

Beyond immediate financial relief, Reclaim Energy’s model aligns with sustainability goals. By offering cost-effective energy solutions, the company not only aids struggling businesses but also promotes a more sustainable and resilient manufacturing sector.


In the midst of industry challenges, Reclaim Energy stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability. By addressing the critical issue of energy costs through forward-looking Power Purchase Agreements, Reclaim Energy aims to be a catalyst for the survival and success of manufacturing businesses. This approach not only provides economic benefits but also contributes to the overall resilience and sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

Reclaim Energy’s Approach To Energy Cost Reduction

Are you ready to start reducing your business energy costs & CO2 emissions? Get in touch today to arrange your free, no-obligation business energy audit so we can calculate how much you could be saving.

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