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Green Energy Efficient Textile Manufacturing In Yorkshire

Brierley Brothers’ Reduce Energy Costs With CHP System

In the heart of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Brierley Brothers Limited stands as a venerable wool spinning company with roots dating back to its establishment in 1896. With over a century of expertise, Brierley Brothers has become synonymous with quality yarn production, earning a stellar reputation in the industry.

A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout its history, Brierley Brothers has consistently upheld traditional values of quality workmanship, evolving with the times while staying true to its heritage. The acquisition of Gardiner of Selkirk, a Scottish woollen yarn spinning business, in 2001 further solidified the company’s position in the market.

Navigating the Modern Landscape

As the global energy landscape faced unprecedented challenges with soaring prices, Brierley Brothers sought innovative solutions to mitigate the impact on their operations. In 2022, the directors approached Reclaim Energy, recognizing the need to reduce energy costs without compromising their commitment to quality and sustainability.

A Sustainable Solution: Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Following a comprehensive site survey, Reclaim Energy proposed the implementation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system. A 140kW generator, powered by efficient and eco-friendly natural gas, now serves as the heartbeat of Brierley Brothers’ heating and electricity needs. Remarkably, the system operates at an impressive 91% efficiency and with near-silent precision.

The Impact

The CHP system not only provides all the electricity required by the company but also utilizes the ‘waste’ heat generated during electricity production to supply heating and hot water across the entire site. This integration of sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with Brierley Brothers’ commitment to responsible and eco-conscious manufacturing.

Financial Gains and Environmental Stewardship

The investment in the CHP system is projected to be paid back within two years, marking a sound financial decision for Brierley Brothers. The annual cost savings are estimated at an impressive 55%, underscoring the economic viability of embracing sustainable energy practices.

At Reclaim Energy, we are proud to collaborate with companies like Brierley Brothers, bridging tradition with innovation to create a sustainable future. As they continue to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the textile industry, we remain committed to supporting their journey towards energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

CHP Generator System Reduces Energy Costs

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